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Do you know your Why?

Do you know your Why?

Why do we do it? What makes us go out every day and put our all into training? We are out there when it is raining, when it is so cold that we get icicles on our body, and when it is so hot that we are sweating before we begin. What drives us? What are we seeking? What does it take?

It takes dedication, it takes consistency, it takes drive, it takes pushing away the excuses, it takes problem solving and it takes knowing your why.

For me my why is twofold. The first one is setting the example, showing my two children, who are now young adults, the importance of eating healthy and being active. I want them to see what you could put your mind too and succeed. They have witnessed me putting hours into training for ultramarathons, they have seen me going to the gym and lifting heavier and heavier. They have been there for my highest points and some of my lowest points, but what they really saw is that you can preserve when life gets hard. I have crossed finish lines with my daughter, I have lifted and squatted with my son and we have all created foods together in the kitchen. They have watched me DNF a race to get my sick daughter off a course safely, they know that I will go out early to get my runs in before it impedes on family time, but they also know that my “me time” is important so that I can mentally and physically do all that I want to do.

My second why is for me. There is a satisfaction in setting a goal and getting there. Being able to preserve through the good and the bad. I find strength in problem solving around an obstacle and being able to work through an injury without giving up. I feel accomplished when I ignore those excuses and put the work in. Through the training and the commitment, I find empowerment and strength. Being honest with my goals and going after them is not just a belief in myself it is a respect for myself. Endurance training is gift: a gift that I have given myself that makes me a better person in all aspects of my life. A gift that helps me be the person I want to be.

Knowing your why gives you that focus, it gives you that drive that you need to stay on path. Knowing your why is just as important as any training plan. Get up, get out, get moving, because you will be so happy that you did.