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Let's talk chafing thanks to one of our Team Sponsors!

Let's talk chafing thanks to one of our Team Sponsors!

You head out on an early morning ride and are greeted by blue skies and balmy temperatures. It’s going to be a beautiful day. All is well, until a few miles in when you feel an uncomfortable rubbing sensation… down there. 

Whether it happens to your underarms or undercarriage, chafing is almost as uncomfortable to talk about, as it is to experience. It’s a sensitive topic because it happens in private places. Your nagging nether regions aren’t likely a subject of discussion on your mid ride coffee stop. Sadly, this leaves the masses to suffer in silence. But rest assured, you’re not alone. 

The repetitive movements of sports like cycling and running make athletes extremely prone to this affliction, but it can happen to swimmers, hikers, golfers, and everyday folks, especially during the summer months. Chafing doesn't discriminate. Male runners can chafe on their nipples or underarms, while women often suffer from chafing of the inner thigh.

Chafing is caused by heat, humidity, sweat, and friction of skin on skin, or fabric on skin, that’s caused by loose or improperly fitted clothing. Not only is the red, raised, rash irritating, it creates tiny breaks in the skin that can lead to infection if not treated.

There are a number of DIY remedies people use to combat chafing like petroleum jelly, baby powder, or even deodorant. (One bride confessed to using deodorant in between her thighs to prevent chafing during her wedding!) But, these methods don’t have the necessary lubricating properties, nor the staying power needed to provide protection for a long period of time. 

In an effort to protect all of your sensitive bits, Zealios created BETWIXT- an all natural skin lubricant and chamois cream that’s long-lasting, paraben-free, and utilizes vegan ingredients derived entirely from plants. The extra silky texture and smooth glide comes from decyl oleate, a naturally derived fatty acid. That’s combined with organic aloe vera, sweet almond, and coconut oil to condition skin cells, as well as Green Tea and Chamomile extract.

Not only for chamois comfort, BETWIXT is a multi-purpose skin lubricant. Put some on the back of your neck to prevent wetsuit chafing or add a dab on your ankles for easy wetsuit removal. A bit of BETWIXT on your underarms and between your thighs helps prevent chafing while running. Add some on the back of your ankles and on toes to avoid blisters from shoes. BETWIXT is also a great cuticle cream. 

There are plenty of other chamois creams on the market, but an all-natural version that actually works is a rare find, indeed. Some other creams are thick and pasty, relying on mass for protection, as opposed to premium ingredients. Some have a weird, greasy residue. Some simply don’t last. Some don’t rinse out of cycling shorts and can discolor or damage technical apparel. Some have artificial fragrances. Some have paraben. Some have ingredients like menthol or peppermint oil that causes a bizarre tingly or numbing sensation. (Do you really want your private areas to tingle?) 

Consider where you’re applying chamois cream and then think about what you’d be comfortable putting on that area… Chances are the answer isn’t thick, greasy, goop with chemicals and fragrance. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to, because BETWIXT is a safe, all natural, anti-chafing solution for swimmers, cyclists, runners, and every human with skin.  

 Don’t take my word for it. Find out what a few other BETWIXT users had to say. 

“I’ve ridden 200 miles in a single day with just one-pre-ride application of BETWIXT, and it protected me the entire ride.”- Jennie 

“I’ve suffered from saddle sores since the beginning of my triathlon craze. My coach recommended this product to me, and it was a game changer. I wish I would’ve tried it 3 years ago.”- Kasey

“I know most people use this for biking, but I’ve found it to be a lifesaver during long hikes. I’ve also used it when I’m playing golf during the hot summer. Absolutely fantastic.”- Brian


Written by Brittany Bevis | August 2, 2022