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Veganism: A Journey of Personal Growth

Veganism: A Journey of Personal Growth

Whether becoming a professional athlete or merely getting in better shape is your goal, it all begins with a journey of personal growth.

This is especially true if you are not that active to begin with or are just beginning your quest of eating for life through veganism. I say, “eating for life”, because that’s exactly what it is.

Your diet is important, right? But just how important is it?

Most people don’t think twice about what they put in their body. They simply go to the grocery store and grab those cans off the shelf, those pre-made dinners out of the freezer section, and grab those sodas off the shelf.

But here are some questions no one seems to ask; “What is in this can? Where was the food made? Who placed this food in this can? What are the ingredients? What do they mean?”

You see, shopping from the grocery store is what most people have been raised doing. Too many people simple accept that what they are buying is safe to eat. But why? You don’t know where this food came from, who handled it, and you can’t even pronounce half the ingredients. So why in the world would you eat it!?

The fact of the matter is, you shouldn’t. The fact is, most processed foods are known to cause cancer. Bacon, for example, is known to cause cancer. Hot dogs are known to cause cancer. Red meat is known to cause cancer. If all of this is known, why continue eating it or feeding it to your kids?

How could you possible expect to achieve your own personal fitness goals if you are so unhealthy from the inside?

This is where the journey of personal growth comes in.

To grow personally, we must grow from within. This means changing your habits, your behaviors, and changing your old mind set. You must change your beliefs, how you perceive the world around you, and you must change what you consume.

We already know that food affects your energy, your drive, and your stamina. But did you know that food has a direct impact on your brain? It can affect your mood, your thought reflexes, and how fast you can recall information in an organized manner. In addition, food affects your ability to remain focused.

Why are these things important?

Because they make you who you are. These things dictate your ability to accomplish your goals. Without the energy, drive, stamina, mental reflex, mood, recollection, and focus – you cannot possibly accomplish half of what you need to get done in a day, let alone your own personal goals.

Eating a plant-based diet rewires our brain, as well as completely changing the way our bodies process and deliver energy.

For example, meat takes a lot of energy to digest. To do it, your body must divert energy away from other important physical and mental processes. So, the energy you actually derive from eating meat is only a fraction of the calories because your body had to spend this energy just to digest it, which is to extract the energy units from the meat to begin with.

Simply put, your body spends less energy to digest plant-based foods. This means that even though vegetables and fruit have less calories (units of energy) than meat, your body receives more energy because it spent far less processing the veggies and fruit. It derives far more net energy.

What does this mean? It means you will have more energy, focus, and drive. Thus, your journey of personal growth and can truly begin – from the inside out.