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How to Travel Internationally as a Vegan

How to Travel Internationally as a Vegan

Traveling around the world can be an incredible, eye-opening experience. Whether it is backpacking through Asia, visiting the capitals of different European cities, or exploring the United States as a vegan athlete, traveling is very rewarding.

But many vegans are hesitant to travel to parts of the world that are unfamiliar, as they are unsure if they will be able to find food and beverages that accommodate their diet. Here are some tips that can help vegans when they are traveling internationally.

Pack Snacks

When traveling on a plane, train or bus, it is a good idea to pack snacks. Since many airlines have restrictions on liquids, packing solid snacks is the best approach. Vegan snack bars, nut mixes, and dry fruits are great options for travel snacks.

Not only does packing snacks allow vegans to enjoy the foods they are used to eating, but it can be a huge money saver as well. Most airports and train stations have a significant markup on the most basic food and drink items. Packing snacks can save a lot of money while traveling around the world!

Learn Some Key Words

Visiting a country where one does not speak the language is always a bit of a challenge. But there are ways around the language barrier. Try to learn a few basic words related to the vegan lifestyle. For instance, words and phrases such as vegan, vegetables, no meat, and organic can be helpful to know in the native language.

Find the Vegan Trademark

The Vegan Society is one of the oldest vegan organizations in the world. If one notices the Vegan Trademark on a product, it is clear that it is a safe product for vegans to consume.

Study the Local Cuisine

Do some homework before visiting a different country. Learn about the local cuisine and try to see if any vegan elements are present. And do not be afraid to ask restaurants about the ingredients used in a dish.

Countries such as Germany and India have significant options for vegans within the local cuisine. And it is always great to try new plant-based dishes from different cultures, as it can open up a vegan to recipes they had not considered before.

Research Vegan Restaurants

Part of the pre-traveling research should focus on vegan restaurants in a city. Most major cities around the world will have 100 percent vegan options. It is a great feeling to go into a restaurant in a foreign country and know that everything on the menu is vegan!

Keep It Simple

It is not always possible to find out every ingredient in a dish at a restaurant. Or understand what items on the menu are vegan. If there is any doubt, try to keep it simple.

Opt for dishes that are easily understandable and contain few ingredients. Salads are a great choice in a pinch. And if there is access to a grocery store, simple meals such as peanut butter sandwiches are also a good option.

Find Outdoor Markets

When traveling within a big city, try to scope out some of the popular outdoor markets. These spots are great for finding fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other vegan-friendly foods.

Another perk of outdoor markets is how the food is a lot cheaper. It is fresh, high-quality food that can be eaten right there and then. What could be better than sampling nature’s best foods at an outdoor marketing in a new city?

By following these steps, any vegan traveler can experience new cuisines, find comfort food and ensure they are remaining faithful to the vegan lifestyle while experiencing different cities and countries!