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Alkalizing Our Bodies and The Benefits of a Vegan Alkaline Diet

Alkalizing Our Bodies and The Benefits of a Vegan Alkaline Diet

Some people may not know what it means to alkalize your body. It is not a term we often hear, which is a shame, because it is such an essential part of our health. Alkalizing your body refers to balancing the pH levels of our blood. It is done by ensuring that we are eating the right foods and avoiding specific triggers that may cause our body’s pH levels to become imbalanced.

What is pH Balance?

So many factors determine how our body is functioning. Everything from the temperature, water levels, nutrient availability and pH levels impact how you feel, and what is going on inside your body. The human body operates best in a narrow pH window, with the appropriate number being around 7.365. At that pH level, the body is slightly alkaline. If the pH level drops below that number, your body is more acidic, which can cause problems.

The level of shifting is not dramatic. It is still within the same number change, but even a slight deviation can mean a great deal for what is going on inside the body. How is this pH balance maintained within the body? It is maintained through the kidneys. When you eat acidic foods, the kidneys work to filter out the excessive acids and keep the body slightly alkaline.

Too Much Acidity

Your pH balance can be thrown off due to an improper diet. When you are eating far too many acidic foods and beverages, you are overworking your kidneys. Say your diet for an entire month consists of heavily acidic foods like burgers, pasta with meat sauce, and pizza. The result is too much work for your kidneys, which may cause your body to develop short and long-term problems.

A 2014 study compared women who ate alkaline vs. acidic diets, to understand the impact on the body. The women who ate an acidic diet were far likelier to develop type 2 diabetes, among other issues. Some other problems that are related to excessive acidic food intake include fatigue, digestive problems, headaches, infections, heavy breathing, heart problems and low energy.

Diet Adjustment

The solution is incredibly simple, even though it may be perceved as hard to implement. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, or you are worried about your diet, adding more alkaline foods to your routine is the best solution. In fact, going vegan may be the best thing that you can do for your body because the majority of foods eaten in a vegan diet are perfect for your body.

The foods that are going to help alkalize your body include green and raw vegetables, fruits, leafy greens like spinach and kale, mushrooms, potatoes, legumes, nuts, seeds, grains like quinoa and millet, and fresh beans. Adding more of these foods into your diet will help overcome issues you may be experiencing because of excessive acid intake.

Gradual adjustments will help with how you feel and how your body functions, however, a significant change is even better. Giving up acidic foods, such as meat, fish, eggs, butter, cheese, alcohol, soda, coffee and processed sugars will change your life for the better.

Benefits of a Vegan Alkaline Diet

Those who transition into an alkaline diet will get better sleep, better bone health, improved tissue health, better cardiovascular health, and fewer issues with chronic diseases. Weight loss is also easier on an alkaline diet, while you will feel energetic and less fatigued on the same schedule.

Alkalizing the body is not some gimmick or fad diet. It is a lifestyle change that rejects the foods that are causing your body harm. Becoming a vegan is not just about the principle of not eating animal products - it is also about the health benefits associated with an alkaline diet.